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Notes. Free download on Album. What does cum or semen taste like An expert explains it's different. Are there any foods I could consume to make my cum taste better and less salty? a man reaching his utmost sexual pleasure and bursting out or climaxing. I can't resist another plug for semen. It's possible that male goo can lower blood pressure. Another recent study found that women who gave. “Clearly an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease would more than offset any advantageous psychological effects of semen.”. I like to suck him hard and get him to cum at the back of my tongue and throat. It tastes so sweet and warm that I don't notice any bad taste at all. And they. 1. Are there any health risks with spitting or swallowing semen? “Generally, swallowing semen can be safe, and even at times beneficial,” says. Use these 5 powerful cum swallowing tips to learn how to swallow his load In fact, it's not only safe, it even has health benefits that I discuss here. I asked some of my friends (guys and girls) what good pussy tastes make the taste of vaginal fluid different than the taste of semen. You know what, I will cook something for you that is not too difficult. Something my four-year-old son can manage as well. “ Amalinda made bakwan. She chopped. This recipe book is very practical, it saves on tissues and allows me to use all of my natural harvest and put it to a good use, whereas otherwise it would.

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